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Hi, my name is Michael Bielon and I want to welcome you to our website OnTimeRents.com. House2home Properties is a professional property management company specializing in providing hassle-free leasing and management for owners who want freedom from the... thrills of tenant management.


We help owners who are in need of professional management or "have had it up to here" with management hassles, turn their properties into performing assets. We get homes rented up fast with responsible tenants who pay "on time" and take care of the property by

What Makes House2home Properties The Trusted Choice To Manage Your Property?

Because We're The Pro's That Go The Extra Mile!

making the house a home.


We offer owners peace of mind with competent leasing and management solutions.  We take care of the day to day details of managing property and do it efficiently.


We creatively market the property, screen for only the "best of the best" tenants, lease up the property, collect rents,

coordinate and resolve all maintenance and repairs, handle any nonpayment issues, and renew existing leases. ALL WITH MINIMAL EXPENSE.


So how can we do this with minimal expense? Because we have an effective management system in place which solves most tenant problems that so many less experienced landlords and property managers have. It took years to develop and now property owners can reap the benefits.


Whether you need reliable leasing and management or are looking for solutions to a real estate problem, we are here to help. Please call us at 813.703.1400.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the website.


Michael Bielon

Licensed Real Estate Broker

House2home Properties



• Solely an experienced property management company with over 20 years experience

• Copyrighted applicant screening for selecting only the best tenants

• Reasonably priced management fees with NO junk fees

• Professional 3rd party Move In Inspections with detailed reports

• Every owner has their own on line portal to review their account & access reports

• Every resident has their own resident portal to pay rent on line

• A/C filters delivered right to the tenants door for assured filter replacement

• Rent property quickly to reduce vacancy with easy on-line showing times

• Professional marketing on several major websites with walk through videos

• Every lease is drafted by an attorney to ensure compliance of vastly changing laws

• 24/7 maintenance staff

• Owners rent direct deposited without delay or excuses

• Limit the owner's liability

• And much more... (See the "Why Hire House2home" page for details)

Here's how we're different...

Our Rental Website

24 / 7 Maintenance Service

Our mission is to increase the owner's cash flow while providing residents the benefit of long-term, stable housing through property management excellence.

Tired of tenant problems and rents not showing up when due?

We have a maintenance staff to answer maintenance calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.